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A wild boar broke into small bite Jiangbei two people killed by blocking from Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau News: yesterday about 7:30, Jiangbei police received the alarm, said the fish mouth Zhen Tang Fuyuan district has a wild boar two 70 year old elderly bites. The police quickly out of the police to evacuate the crowd and containment of wild boar. The wild boar was located in the residential area, no fire conditions, public security, public security, Forest City Jiangbei mouth town government staff together, will contain wild boar to the area surrounding the small hill. About 13:50, the police successfully boar killed, no personnel were injured during hunting. It is understood that the old man was diagnosed by the hospital, only the left hand and left leg leg injury, is currently being treated. In this regard, the police reminded the public, because of the strong aggressive nature of the wild boar, the public should not rush to catch a similar situation or attack, so as not to provoke the wild boar was attacked and found that wild boar must be timely warning. According to the Chongqing Evening News: wild boar jumped in Jiangbei district number shot prepare to eat at 7 in the morning "thought the dog" Mr. Wang said, 7 morning, wild boar first appeared in the Tang Jinyuan District, residents in the catch up and ran to the Tang Fuyuan district. "At that time I was still sleeping, I heard someone shouting downstairs." Mr. Wang said that when he went downstairs, wild boar has bitten two people around the age of 70. A man can not see clearly that it is a dog, stretch out his hand to get rid of it, the results were bitten by the hand, another old man was wild boar arch, legs were bitten. Because someone was injured, residents immediately alarm. "The area surrounding hillside more, wild boar may be from the walls to enter the cell gap." Community staff told reporters. The scene of a police told reporters, about 7:30 in the morning, Jiangbei police received a public warning: in the mouth of the fish Zhen Tang Fuyuan district has a wild boar two man bites. After the alarm, Jiangbei police quickly out of the police to evacuate the crowd, the containment of wild boar and immediately call 120 treatment of injured people. At 9 in the morning, the wild boar went to the doctor’s diagnosis, and the left hand and left leg were injured in the left hand of the two old men. "The wild boar may be frightened, lying on the 4 side of the Bush does not move, later to the area outside the hillside." Mr. Wang said. Because the boar was located in residential areas, no shooting conditions." Police told reporters at the scene, at about 9 in the morning, wild boar ran to the small hillside outside the District, and into the woods on the hillside, the police cordoned off the scene. The dog went after 2 p.m. after nearly two hours of stalemate, determine the position to prevent wild boar, wild boar continue to hurt, Jiangbei public security, Chongqing city decided to carry out the work of Forest Public hunting for wild boar. For approval after rounding up work started, a SWAT team armed with batons and shields and two hounds from the hillside left a team ready to catch wild boar, wild boar killed on the hillside on the right. On the left up personnel fired two shots, the boar frightened, ran out of the jungle, from right to the hillside behind the shooting up staff, residents of the fields. Hunting personnel continue to catch up shot, around 2 pm, the boar was eventually killed. As a result of bites, wild boar was subsequently sent to the slaughterhouse quarantine. Preliminary judgment no epidemic." Chief of Jiangbei District Agriculture Forestry science.相关的主题文章:

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