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A village Party Secretary of Hangzhou in case of stealing garbage dump truck was arresting was dragged in the new network reporter Wang Li newspaper correspondent Zheng Wei Jianggan District Ding Lan street Gaocheng village Party branch secretary Lin Yunbiao, injured. It’s a worried topic in the village. Dump truck was stolen scraping down construction waste, also dragged nearly 10 meters. Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter saw Lin Yunbiao, he was sitting in a hospital bed, very calm, said: see or want to control, and now our village environment is so good, steal the construction waste can not be tolerated." This thing had to say back to the day before yesterday, more than 5 in the afternoon, the next class Lin Yunbiao walk on the way home. Passing the village of temporary living garbage dumping point, looked at a dump truck opened in. Sharp eyed Lin Yunbiao felt wrong, how the car is full of construction waste? Lin Yunbiao followed, left eye he pulled at the entrance put a stool, this car out when they must stop. Lin Yunbiao approached the dump truck, parked there, no dumping of construction waste. Lin Yunbiao tried to dialogue with the driver, did not expect the other side did not open the window instead of playing the phone, nervous look. Lin Yunbiao felt something for the security officer in the village call, and knocking on the window. Unexpectedly, the dump truck suddenly rushed out of gas, and did not react with Lin Yunbiao has also been brought down and dragged forward nearly 10 meters behind a painful. Village public security officer Lin Zengbin rushed to the scene, Lin Yunbiao fell to the ground, face and hands are bleeding. "He ran and ran to catch up!" Lin Yunbiao did not hurt to climb up and sit in Lin Zengbin’s car, and finally in the not far off from Sanyi community tipcart. At this point, the village patrol team, traffic police, public security and urban management have also arrived at the scene. The driver was a 19 year old man. Reporters from the police station was informed that the young man admitted that he really wants to take advantage of no one, secretly put the construction waste here. Currently, on suspicion of hit and run, the driver has been controlled by the police. 48 year old Lin Yunbiao as the Gaocheng village Party branch secretary for 9 years, has been rated as model workers in Hangzhou city. The village people love Lin Yunbiao called "earth Secretary": because he work down to earth, undivided attention for the people’s benefit. "Our secretary is a good secretary. His workload is very big, big and small, serious, responsible, hands-on, never do things carelessly." Lin Zengbin said, Lin secretary do bit by bit, people are looking at the eyes. His reputation in the village, but ringing." Now the Gaocheng village, can be said to be a king in the village, every family of white walls and black tiles, a small courtyard planted with flowers, good to hear or see. Farmhouse has become a feature of the village industry. The villagers gradually embarked on the road to get rich ecological leisure tourism, tasted the benefits of ecological leisure tourism. Lin Yunbiao often hung in the mouth of a sentence is: the village environment is so good, but also to cherish and protect.相关的主题文章:

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