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Take 7 hour flight and catch the 5 surgery (watch) – public – people.com.cn time in Xinjiang clinic is a weekend, the Department of Cardiology Second Hospital Affiliated to Wenzhou Medical College chief physician Wu Lianpin (see above picture) got up early, boarded the flight to fly to Xinjiang Akesu. After more than 7 hours of flight, Wu Lianpin only a little rest, to the first people’s Hospital of Akesu district. The same day, there are 5 operations waiting for him. Wu Lianpin went to the hospital went straight to the operation room, put on more than and 30 pounds of lead ionizing radiation protective clothing. "The first patient was a patient during my visit to Xinjiang, and in 2011 I had surgery to relieve the condition. Now the heart again blocked through interventional therapy (CPI), will be fine if the hair of the catheter and guidewire into the vein, the stent to establish "vascular stenosis, occlusion of the artificial channel" through the lesion, to relieve the illness." Wu Lianpin simply explain the operation principle. In the intervention room, close to the operating table is placed a large radiation large X light contrast machine. During the operation, it extends the function of human eye, the doctor will see the lesion in patients with crystal clear, but the doctor to be exposed to radiation within the range of X ray. "X ray irradiation for four or five hours of continuous work, equivalent to a continuous shoot more than 2 thousand X light film." In order to isolate ionizing radiation, the medical staff had to wear lead clothing. An operation down, often will not be able to lift tired. Yuanjiang doctors bring new technologies from January 2011 to July 2012, Wu Lianpin in Akesu District People’s hospital to participate in Yuanjiang work, and served as vice president. A year and a half, Wu Lianpin to participate in and guide the operation more than taiwan. At the same time, he also brought a new technology, such as the use of reverse guidewire technology, balloon kissing technology, the first people’s Hospital in Akesu area to fill the gaps in technology. Liu Gang, director of the heart center, said: Wu Long, a lot of difficult surgery can not be done before, and some have never been able to use the new technology can be used." Yuanjiang after the end of the work, in the farewell meeting, Prefectural Administrative Office and Yuanjiang command leadership repeatedly said, hoped Yuanjiang doctors continue to do two emotional liaison. Yuanjiang doctors in the study of cardiovascular disease treatment technology is not much. The incidence of cardiovascular disease in Xinjiang is relatively high, which requires doctors to have a strong ability to solve problems for patients in a timely manner." Wu Lianpin said, although after a year and a half of the mentoring, the local doctor has made great progress in the treatment of ideas and means, can independently accomplish the operation, but encountered complex cases, there is a lack of technology. Wu Lianpin returned to Zhejiang, but still the heart of Akesu, the first people’s Hospital of Akesu area he thought about his comrades, were also worried the people of Akesu, this worried about that he once again set foot on this land. Local complex cases can not be resolved to a certain number of accumulated, the Akesu district hospital will be in advance to communicate with Wu Lianpin, arrange a weekend focused surgery, while the organization of local doctors to learn. To continue to adhere to the cause as the end of Yuanjiang, 4 years in a row相关的主题文章:

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