3D print public toilets scenic spots do not need to change the appearance of a steel bar (map) yuanjiao

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3D print debut scenic spots become public toilets without a bar (Figure) original title: leaves shape architectural design 3D printing toilet toilet outside the scenic spots at varying fashion full of playful 3D printing energy-saving environmental protection toilets recently in Suzhou city high tech Zone Yangshan botanical garden area, there is a well-proportioned and design modern buildings. Approached to see the sign on the wall, only to find that this is full of artistic sense of the original public toilets. According to the scenic staff, which is the world’s first application of 3D printing technology scenic tourism 3A highest standard toilet. Modern Express reporter He Jiewen ZAKER of Nanjing scenic area for figure 3D printed wall, shipped to the site for assembling the toilet walls are pale gray, compared to general building wall and carefully painted, this toilet do not have a simple feeling. The wall has a parallel "ripple", like "cake" cream on the decoration, although feel feels very rough, and the blank Housing cement wall feel somewhat similar, but the hand won’t leave a cement powder residue. Dayang mountain botanical garden responsible person, this is the construction of 3D printing traces. In order to restore the original 3D printing architecture, the entire toilet Wailimian do not do any decoration and processing. So, the wall of the toilet is how to print out? Do you need a huge 3D printer? This person in charge said, she did not see this magic 3D printer, these walls are co printing company, and then shipped over the assembly. How to print, we are also very curious." However, due to trade secrets, the company will not disclose the other side. In order to achieve the unity and the overall style of Yangshan botanical garden, in the design, this toilet is divided into three independent buildings design, full of playful, like a small box scattered in the woods. In addition to the toilet outside the fashion of green, yellow leaf shape, which is also achieved through 3D printing technology. Perhaps the traditional construction process needs to consider the requirements of mechanics, many design shapes can not be completely done, but 3D printing construction technology is not the same, as long as the design draft can be achieved." The official said, in theory, including toilet urinals and sinks and other facilities can be achieved through 3D printing technology, but because they are not mass production, the cost will be high, so from an economic point of view, this did not attempt to. Print "ink" is a new material, the biggest advantage is energy saving and environmental protection why would try to do 3D printing toilet? The botanical garden responsible person, in recent years, the national tourism administration put forward the "tourism toilet revolution should make full use of new technologies, new materials, large Yangshan control 4A level scenic area to create a standard, in cooperation with Shanghai a construction technology company began last year, to build a high-tech ecological toilet, as a highlight of the project area. This toilet is also the highest 3A level scenic tourist toilets on the function, the full support of third (including toilet, toilet, toilet Handicapped Restroom children) and other infrastructure, and with the rationalization of the humanized design of mother)相关的主题文章:

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