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UnCategorized Small businesses have existed in all industry types set up by individuals or a group of people who are determined and motivated to do something on their own and create their own space in the huge business empires. In order to make themselves visible they need proper means which is both economical and highly efficient. Creating a small business website is the perfect start to introduce the small business into the vast market. The fundamentals to achieve the best possible web design is careful planning beforehand especially by the owner of the business. The first thing that grabs the viewers’ attention as soon as your small business website opens is the homepage. Just like a face in a person the homepage is something that creates the first impression. Give a tagline that gives crisp but catchy information regarding your business. It must be good enough to convey what the customer is looking for in small scale business. Create an ‘About Us’ page that describes the .pany in detail and give a link to it from the homepage. Depending on the type of small business there should be clear links given to certain keywords related to the business so that the reader is routed easily through them. Inter. users tend to like instantaneous results so to facilitate that you can include a search bar that helps solve their queries in less time. Offer a sneak preview of the underlying content in the website that lures the readers to explore more into the website. Do not use introductory pages that take up a lot of time to load. Keep the small business website user friendly and easy to navigate. If you have a good pre-plan on the web design for your small business it will avoid certain flaws like links leading to blank pages or dead links or having the readers run around in circles trying to get what they need. You should always make sure your website is well updated. From infants to adults color plays an important role to sub-consciously attract someone’s attention. Use colors that you think would attract your target customers or simply choose the ones that go well with the other designs that you include in your website but remember to keep it subtle. Typography is another factor that though is not very significant but does play a role in conveying professionalism. There are two types of fonts: Serif and Sans-serif. Serif fonts may differ when printed out and may appear pixilated while Sans-serif is generally cleaner to look at. Be careful in choosing the font colors as well depending on the contrast that the background color provides. Make sure the layout of your small business website is such that the eye-grabbing content is at the top. Try and keep the file size to a minimum because inter. users are highly impatient. The moment it takes a huge time to download they just click cancel and jump onto the next site. Sticking to some web design basics is advised because familiarity to websites makes it easier to navigate rather than keeping a user guessing where to go in a website created by you that you think is unique. Lastly, provide users the best way to contact you. Following these basic rules will allow you to rest assured that your small business website works wonders for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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