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Home-Improvement Closets generally .e in two basic types there are walk-in closets , and reach-in closets . Walk- in closets are those huge closets where you have to actually walk into them to get to its contents, plus this type of closest almost always has a light so you will be able to see the clothing more clearly and not have to pick around in the dark. Reach-in closets on the other hand seldom .e with a light all you have to do is open the closet door and pick out your article of clothing. Closets are the best way for people to organize their clothes, shoes, coats, hats etc. There are two basic types of closet organizers you can purchase are closet organizer system or you can choose a closet organizer kit. Closet organizer systems are prefabricated and all you need to do is assemble the pieces when they are delivered to your home. These usually .e with adjustable shelving brackets so you can organize your closet to suit your individual needs and they are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials for you to choose from. A closet organizer kit includes shelves, hooks, boxes, racks, and any other type of storage for organizing your closet. Most closets are designed with a .bination of shelves and hanging rods. The very big walk-in closest can have as much three shelving walls which usually have six shelves in one unit, two hanging rods in another unit, with shelves at the bottom, t ging rods in another unit and one very long hanging rod in another unit for hanging coats, dressand one very long hanging rod in another unit for hanging coats, dresses and other very long clothing. There are basically three types of closet shelves, Coated Wire Shelves which is the least expensive and they are very easy to customize with some added accessories, Melamine Shelves this is a material that resembles wood, but it is less expensive than actual wood, and of course Wood Shelves which is the most expensive, and also the most .monly used type of closet shelves. Here are some tips of how to install a typical closet shelve: The top of the hang track should be positioned at least eight feet from the bottom of the floor and mounted in place, and the top most shelf should be around seven and a half inches from the bottom of the floor. Make sure that the hang track is securely fastened to the wall with screws as this is where the weight will lie. Begin placing your standards onto the hang track making sure that they are centered over the wall stud, and check to see that they are level then screw them into the stud. Space each standard 24 inches apart, and the two side standards should not be more than four inches from the end of the shelves . Next step insert the brackets for the shelf into the track and then lock the wire shelves onto each of the brackets and attaching the standards to the wall with screws. To add the finishing touches you are now ready to place end caps to the wire at both ends of the shelving unit and also the hanger track, and you are done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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