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Legal Bankruptcy lawyer Michael Sandler has successfully represented hundreds of clients in his legal career. His practice, The Law Offices of Michael J. O. Sandler PLLC, is located in Fairfax VA, and gives clients the personal attention they need. Here, Sandler talks about what you can do if you are unemployed, in debt, and want to get back on the road to recovery. In current economy, many people wonder whether they are really eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if they are unemployed. In my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes but you need a .petent bankruptcy attorney to make sure the timing is right. Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Obviously, people who are unemployed for extended periods of time can accrue a lot of debt. Oftentimes they are forced to try to meet their monthly obligations by using credit cards, taking out credit card loans and personal loans, tapping home equity lines, and so forth. Likewise, when people lose their jobs, they usually also lose their health insurance, which can result in large medical bills. In my experience, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can get rid of all of those bills and stop the harassing phone calls, lawsuits, and bank garnishments, thereby reducing your monthly obligations and helping you pay your remaining bills out of unemployment or other .pensation. However, you should keep in mind that bankruptcy will discharge debts due on the date of filing, and not debts accrued thereafter. So if you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and you have a serious medical condition and are unemployed without insurance, then you could still accrue serious debts after filing and those will not be discharged under the bankruptcy. Determining the Timing of Your Filing Remember, the timing of the filing of a bankruptcy case is an important consideration to take full advantage of as far as debt discharges go. After all, if youre going to file for Chapter 7, then youll certainly want to achieve the fresh start that the law allows for. Although many people want to file while they are still unemployed, ideally, the best time to file would be just after finding new employment so that you are not accruing any new bills. You should also keep in mind that any bills accrued within three months of filing the bankruptcy case can be problematic because under the current bankruptcy law, there is a presumption that you know youre going to file bankruptcy 90 days before you do so. Therefore, if you accrue $4,000 in advances on your credit card a month or two before filing, that credit card .pany may very well file an objection with the court stating that you violated the cardmember agreement and .mitted fraud because you never had the intention of repaying that $4,000. Hiring a Seasoned Attorney Timed correctly, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you on the road to recovery, obviously along with new employment. Therefore, I re.mend that you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney for your filing and disclose all of the information to him. Your attorney will analyze your existing debt, decide what property, like your home or car, is exempt from collection, help with all of the paperwork filing, and act as a barrier from harassing phone calls from collection agencies. He will also make sure the process runs smoothly and that you are fairly represented in court. For clients in Fairfax, its a good idea to call The Law Offices of Michael J. O. Sandler PLLC for help. My fees are reasonable as I run a small business, and I give personal attention to each and every client. You will not be working with some paralegal and meeting your lawyer for the first time when you meet with the bankruptcy trustee. Instead, you will get to know me and have me represent you from the beginning of your case until it .es to a close. This article is for informational purposes only. You should not rely on this article as a legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances, and you should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel. Publication of this article and your receipt of this article does not create an attorney-client relationship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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