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When it comes to real estate investing and performing joint ventures, I hear this sentence a lot! "Aaron, I can do ALL that myself!" And my obvious response is, "You are right. You can! BUT you won’t and you shouldn’t and here’s why. The time and money that you would have to invest to do what we do just isn’t worth it. Your greatest and best use is with your family and your other life endeavors. Here is a list of everything a concierge does and you tell me when you’ll have the time to do ALL this and also have the desire to invest as much capital as it would take to do what we do!" Here is what A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR CONCIERGE does: Identify up to 30 structurally sound, investment caliber properties weekly with resale values well in excess of the purchase price in 20 metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. in quality neighborhoods with high rental rates and in cities with stable employment. Negotiate directly with bank REO departments for direct purchase of multiple homes in bulk. Contract home inspectors to give thorough examination to key areas of the home including: foundation, electrical, roof, plumbing, etc. Contract entire teams of skilled and licensed laborers to complete home renovations on time and on budget with work meeting or exceeding local municipal building codes. Then I ask, "Still want to do it on your own??" We still aren’t done. They also: Deal directly with the counties and title companies in order to have clear title to the property with no phantom or ghosts liens appearing after purchase. Identify and qualify families through a rigorous background, employment and credit screening for execution of a $90,000, 15 year land contract in a land contract exit strategy. Identify and qualify families through a rigorous background, employment and credit screening for execution of short to medium term rental lease in a buy and hold strategy. Contract and employ reputable and experienced property managers to assist with collection of rent and other tenant services. Identify and qualify families through a rigorous background, employment, home loan and credit screening for immediate purchase in a fix & flip exit strategy. Identify and contract local real estate agents to assist in the successful marketing, value determination and availability of potential buyers in each local market. Continue to service the property as long as long as you have possession. Identify network of available note buyer for the land contract. Complete a land contract sale transaction in the open market. As you can see, if you’ve made it this far, there is quite a bit of work that goes in to what an investment concierge does! I once calculated out what it would take an investor to do what a concierge does for just ONE week and I determined that cost to be approximately $92,000! You will be hard pressed to find this kind of effort & work put into a property at such a low wholesale cost. They can keep the costs low and the rates of return high for investors. The one thing that has always kept intelligent, educated, financially able people out of the real estate market is TIME! That is where an investor concierge comes in! They do 100% of the leg work for you and you yield the lion’s share or the profits! About the Author: Aaron M. Thomas Sr, The Bay Area Mortgage Expert, is lead syndicator for and has been featured on CNN, MSNBC & Rob Black and Your Money. His approach to real estate finance and investing has been well documented and he is considered by many to be a leader in the field of residential real estate. If you haven’t already filled out the investor form please do so now at and start on your path to a fantastic, rewarding and fulfilling journey as a professional real estate investor! Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Investing 相关的主题文章:

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