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Men’s-Issues Jacob Hiller and The Jump Manual in 2011 I want to let you know what we are up to in 2011 and how it may affect you and help you in your training. I also want to get some feedback from on what you would like to see for your training, what kind of help do you want and what would be most impact and useful information that we can provide you. Right now we are in Missouri, we are leaving next week to Las Vegas and one week after that we are headed out to India again where we hope to be working with trainers, coaches and athletes at the sporting authority of India, that was a lot of fun last year. We are then continuing our touring and going to Africa. Then we are heading out and may be hitting Australia as well as New Zealand and some islands out there in that area. We have the whole path laid out and I am going to try to do more videos and pictures this year as I am learning how to do that a little bit better. What’s going on with the Jump Manual, we are still working on our first DVD, we have all the footage and now it is just a matter of putting it together and getting that product out to you. We are also working on getting you a cell phone version of the Jump Manual and a way for you to track all of your data and see exercise demos from your smart phone. This should be finished quickly and the benefit of this is that you can have a central location and an easy way to get the data you need to know on how your progress is going in different lifts and different performance tests and how that relates to your performance in your target sports specific abilities. Being able to track this data is going to really help your training. I understand that some people do not want to micro manage their performance and we want to provide this service in a way that you are not constantly writing down numbers but that your still getting the important information for you to customize and really perfect your training regimen. Last year we introduced a .pany called Bioletics which is a .pany that I believe is leading the way in a more objective approach to nutrition. It allows you the opportunity to track your protein, hormone, vitamin D and essential acid profile–all of these profiles so that you can see what supplements and what diet strategies are actually going to be the most effective for you in an objective fashion. Our end goal here is to bring you a training method that allows you easily to know what is going to give you the best results. What exercises what protocols whether its plyometrics or strength training, exactly what you need to do. We are also working with a .pany recently and this .pany is providing a way for you to measure every single exercise or activity you do and measure your power output. This allows you to know how high you are jumping how much power your outputting with every jump, every lift so that you can see and correlate improvements and power output. I want to provide you the most effective way to get results safely and as quickly as possible and to do so in an objective and scientific manner and that is our real push this year. We have a lot of things in motion and we are working with a lot of other .panies to do so. I really hope to bring some exciting things to you this year. I would like to know your opinion on things you want to hear about this year as well. I want to make videos and write articles on the topics that interest you so please get in touch and let me know. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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