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Games Click here for really cheap wow gold at ..mygamegold… We are the best wow gold provider in the industry.First of all, the original w (on) a (turn left) s (back) d (turn right) Key bit changed to e (on) s (turn left) d (back) f (turn right) A lot of people like you turn left and turn right to left and right translation in wow gold, I do not know what this has changed the role of law. Operation in wow gold games, the mobile is to rely on the keyboard and mouse to operate simultaneously, you need to constantly adjust the direction with the right mouse button, and in fact when you hold down the right mouse button, the original will be automatically into the left translation and right translation, I really do not understand why we have to change … Have read an article before a master to back away, and too slow retreat back some time … I used to, such as body structure playing time In accordance with the above changes, my left index finger barely be able to click to 6 … Ah, do not you think -= 7890, a few shortcuts from your left hand bit too far ? Qwrtagzxcvb function keys will all be changed, such as shortcut keys, the original function of these key bit changed to -= 7890, which left the key bit difficult to get Here propose to zxcvb key bit set do not need to read Article shortcut keys, candy, and so on die entangled This way you can not affect the case of run his left thumb to operate the key-bit Some people say that you are not accustomed to such a change instead of the. Please look carefully, turn over a key position, your fingers should be typing in your usual position, right? This very difficult habit of it? I’d think that the original set of keys bit un.fortable .parison Forward oblique running take-off, wrapped around die … I just give an example, here used four keys, enjoy playing kof in the pc do not know the notes did not, in a lot of the keyboard by pressing four keys simultaneously will Short-term failure of the keyboard … Not used should not changed, the change does not increase the shortcut keys, are not accustomed to using the little finger on the person ‘1qz and other key places of significant reduction in frequency of use of wow gold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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