11 Jinhua Yiwu logistics park or full high-speed road will be very busy xpphone

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11 Jinhua Yiwu logistics park or full high-speed road will be very busy immediately to the double eleven, your shopping cart filled with? Double zero to eleven, wait until after you order, began to busy all the logistics park, a large number of large trucks in and out in the logistics park, all kinds of goods online orders that were shipped to the various city distribution point distribution. Jinyi urban area, in the pass, including rookie, EMS, number of Logistics Industrial Park, double eleven period, there will be a large truck and unusually busy, become a sleepless city. Online orders are more fiery, the park is busy. Double eleven after a week to avoid Jinyi Expressway and Quzhou Jinyi urban busy scene, will start from the night of November 11th, after the 12 ~15 day for 4 days, the urban area is heavy traffic. If the amount of online orders, this time will last about a week or so. In this period of time, every day in the afternoon 4 to second days in the morning of 2 points, is the day when the vehicle up to the time, all container transport vehicles are overtime from the logistics park to send all kinds of goods. So, this 3 km section of Jin Yi Cun Tang Zhen Ya Xijing road to Jinshan Avenue intersection, the metropolitan area is the most busy road, opening many central isolation beds will be temporarily closed to Quzhou, Yiwu direction of the vehicle to avoid Jinyi expressway. The logistics park out of the vehicle, a part of the walk through Hongye Jinshan Avenue Road, walk Hangjinqu Tang shoes on a high-speed entrance, partly through the Hong Kong Avenue, walk Quzhou Fu village entrance and entrance on the high-speed Tang shoes. Jinhua police earlier issued a reminder, double eleven after the start of a week, Jinyi metropolitan area many roads will be very busy, try not to go around the city zone logistics park road, is the peak period at night and out of large trucks, must pay attention to traffic safety at night. To Yiwu, Quzhou direction as far as possible to avoid the Hangjinqu Expressway and Jin Yi, Jin Yi can choose the South passage. This year during the double eleven metropolitan area is expected to start every 5500 cars in the vicinity of rookie Logistics Park Jinshan Avenue and Han street, according to the data provided by the rookie logistics park, this year is expected to double during the eleven truck departure volume in 2400 days trips. Near the town of Southwest shoes Tong Industrial Park, in the 103 provincial road and Jin Yi Expressway between the park centralized postal delivery, logistics, logistics, logistics and other national day logistics company, this year is expected to double during the eleven large trucks start in the more than 1 thousand day trips. In addition, STO Tietong logistics, dry port, this year during the double eleven, Jinyi urban district all logistics park start in the 5500 day trips. In the last year, double eleven before the forecast is more than 3 thousand day trips, the actual departure number reached nearly 4000 trips. During the eleven year of this year, Jinhua City Traffic Police Detachment directly under the police brigade of the group of two filial duty will be on duty, to ensure that the traffic in the urban area after the double order of eleven, I hope the driver can cross the traffic police command.相关的主题文章:

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