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Love the Internet red female anchor     send gifts into "negative Weng" — Society — original title: love female anchor gifts "debt earners" Guangzhou daily Foshan news (reporter Li Xian, Liu Yiming) Foshan, a 18 year old man A Feng in order to pursue the network red anchor, not hesitate heavy gold to send gifts "three months down he owed more than 20 yuan of usury. Money on female anchor Wong (a pseudonym) from Sichuan Guang’an, currently in Foshan in a construction site with cement. Recently, a sudden thing so that Mr. Huang couple fell into the edge of collapse. And all of this is a few days ago, Mr. Huang has just turned 18 year old son A Feng (a pseudonym). In September 25th, the factory Feng Liu came to the door, to produce a promissory note to Mr. Huang couple, which makes them almost fainted. Originally, in June 30th, Liu Feng to borrow 10 yuan usury, 3 months later, the need to repay more than 190 thousand yuan with interest. "We then check the bank account, the 10 yuan of money really hit my son’s account, but now not a penny, including his own wages." Mr. Huang said. Mr. Huang Feng that signed IOU and two, respectively is 15 thousand yuan and 6000 yuan. Just over 18 years old Feng, why borrowed so much money? Where did the money go? Mr. Huang is also very puzzled, after repeated inquiries, Feng tells the truth. Originally, Fung "have a crush on red net", money to them. Mr. Huang said, from June this year, Fung began to broadcast on the Internet platform after the network red, "the beginning is often called, wearing a headset to mobile phone". Raymond focuses on three female anchor and a male anchor. In addition to their interaction, "Fung gift" hand is also very generous. "You said to send money to the woman even, the man also sent?" Mr. Huang and his family move to Raymond was difficult to understand. "He seems to be possessed by the devil, not listen to what we say, relatives and friends advised him not by turns." Huang said. And the relatives and friends said happy this is childish behavior, "virtual things to spend so much money to buy, really can not understand". The line was not only through the pursuit of anchor Fung broadcast platform to send a gift, in real life after the red net, and the other to develop the relationship between male and female friends. My wife checked his phone records, a lot of phone calls is half an hour or more, it should be in private with the network red contact." Mr. Huang said. According to Mr Wong recalled, indeed the pursuit of a female Fung network anchor, Mr. Huang and his wife saw the girl. One day after the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Fung suddenly said to the parents, he would go to a junior high school students, Mr. Huang couple actually know he is seen online anchor. In order not to let his son continue to indulge, they also met the girl. "My wife asked her a few home, she is just a few," uh huh "said later went dizzy." Huang said that the whole process is only two or three minutes. Later, Mr. Huang had urged fung. However, the peak was the truth)相关的主题文章:

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