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Number one: before the European champions Inter Naples Juventus also decline icardi seats have confidence in the team sina sports news international Milan is currently in the Serie A table fell to fifth place, but the Nerazzurri head icardi opinion, team is still one of the contenders for the Champions League. "In fact, until mid December, we are doing great, but our last month had no small trouble, we lost a lot of points, the team performance is also dropped a lot, but if we work hard, we’ll catch up." Icardi continued, "we believe that from the beginning of July last year to get the Champions League, we know that to achieve this goal, we know that the team has been very strong, we are in the standings occupied the top, we have proved that they can beat any opponent, to occupy the top of the League, I have a strong desire to play the Champions League, this is my goal, but also international Milan." Icardi also referred to the other two teams, "at the beginning of the season Juventus and Naples also experienced a fall, we are now in the same situation." (Wellman)

国米头牌:能拿欧冠席位 尤文那不勒斯之前也衰 伊卡尔迪对球队有信心   新浪体育讯  国际米兰目前已经在意甲积分榜上落到了第五位,但是在蓝黑军团头牌伊卡尔迪看来,球队仍旧是欧冠席位的争夺者之一。   “实际上直到十二月中旬,我们做得都很棒,但是过去的一个月我们遇到了不小的麻烦,我们丢掉了不少分数,球队的整体表现确实也下降了不少,但是如果我们努力的话,我们会赶上来的。”   伊卡尔迪继续说到,“从去年7月份开始我们就相信能拿到欧冠席位,我们知道能够实现这个目标,我们知道球队已经很强大,我们也在积分榜上占据过榜首,我们证明了自己能够击败任何对手,能够占据联赛榜首,我有很强的渴望去踢欧冠联赛,这是我的目标,同样也是国际米兰的。”   伊卡尔迪还提到了另外两支球队,“尤文图斯和那不勒斯赛季之初也经历了低谷,我们现在也是处在同样的情况下。”   (威尔曼)相关的主题文章:

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