Winning to send the computer Fraud! Police have destroyed a fraud Gang detained 7

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Winning the computer? Fraud! Police have destroyed a fraud Gang detained 7 people "free lottery, winning free computer!" This kind of street draw is probably a scam. Wenzhou Lucheng Public Security Bureau police station yesterday Shangyu destroyed a draw is the name, high priced sales of counterfeit products on the fraud Gang, involving 7 people, 1 people be detention bail. According to the victim, a bunch of people gathered around the lottery booth, they are very easy to draw mobile phones, tablet computers and other prizes, in order to attract passers-by to participate. The rules set by the stall require participants to smoke two times, if the two awards are different, you can free take away the prizes, if the two awards, you need to spend the original price to buy prizes." The police say that when the victim draws the lottery, he will draw the same prize one after another. At this point, the liar will ask the public to buy money to buy tablet computers, mobile phones and other prizes. "These prizes are shoddy, Shanzhai products, often second days can not be used, and the liar has moved to other places, continue to set up the bureau." 10 20, the fraud gang members in our open area 3 Shuangyu stall fraud, Shangyu police station was arrested a man suspected of fraud Yang 8. The site also seized a large number of fraud for mobile phone, tablet computer, discount cards, loudspeakers and other tools. After investigation, the group consists of 4 "boss" and 4 "child care" constitute, in order to free lottery tickets in the name, lured passers-by fooled. Police remind, similar scam street streets in the city, especially the suburban joint appeared several times, members of the public that can timely alarm, had deceived the public can also contact the Shuangyu police station.

中奖送电脑?骗局! 警方摧毁一诈骗团伙刑拘7人“免费抽奖,中奖即送电脑!”这类街头常见的抽奖活动,可能是一个骗局。温州鹿城公安分局双屿派出所前天摧毁了一个以抽奖为名、实为高价销售伪劣产品的诈骗团伙,对涉案7人予以刑拘、1人取保候审。据受害人介绍,抽奖摊位附近聚拢了一帮人,他们非常轻易地抽中手机、平板电脑等奖品,以此吸引路人参与。“摊主设定的规则要求参与者连抽两次,如果两次奖项不同,即可免费拿走所中的奖品,如果两次奖项一样,则需要花原价买走奖品。”民警说,轮到受害人抽奖时,都会相继抽到同一奖项。这时,骗子就会要求市民掏钱买走平板电脑、手机等奖品。“这些奖品均为伪劣、山寨产品,往往第二天就无法使用了,而骗子早已转移到其他地方继续设局了。”10月20日,该诈骗团伙成员在鹿城双屿三开路一带摆摊进行诈骗活动,双屿派出所民警当场抓获诈骗嫌疑人阳某等8人。现场还起获大量用于诈骗的手机、平板电脑、优惠卡、高音喇叭等工具。经查,该团伙由4名“老板”、4名“托儿”构成,以发免费抽奖券为名,引诱路人上当。警方提醒,类似街头骗局在市区街头,尤其是城郊接合部多次出现,市民如发现可及时报警,此前受骗的市民也可联系双屿派出所。相关的主题文章:

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