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Sanya market first "pick vegetables" skills – Sohu travel to Sanya to eat seafood is mandatory, but there are a lot of people to have a smattering of knowledge but also a smattering of seafood, never mind, the problem is that you at least know the basic skills, so as not to waste money, through several days of investigation, went to the scene and Sichuan seafood moustache processing shop on-site personnel to view, and ultimately determine some basic tips, this is not money, but to find good food"! The following are several common types of seafood selection tips. Shrimp shrimp small tips: first, the general shellfish are in the water, water turbidity is not fresh. The water is clear, generally fresh. Two, the head of the general meat is thick, there are chewing strength; small inside the impurities are relatively small, according to the demand to choose. Three, slowly pick, shellfish can not be anxious, to ensure that there is a tongue out, hand touch will shrink back, there is vitality. The trick to pick good oyster oyster, plump or slightly soft, milky white, clear fluid, white or pale gray, oyster natural smell. Poor quality oysters, dark color, there is a different smell, eating will hurt the body. Tips: 1, pick climb shrimp neck with white "King" character is female; third shrimp crawling child each leg on foot for the public; 2, the parent general shape of small, thin neck. Pick shrimp tips: Live Shrimp 1, in general, more quickly with the net to swim when fishing is fresh; 2, the color of fresh shrimp skin and abdominal leg is not black, the head and the surface is not red, shrimp shell hard, shiny is meat is delicious; 3, check and shell muscle tight degree, the shrimp is very compact two, not easy to peel by hand, otherwise easily poke. 4, appropriate to wait for, look at the shrimp will occasionally spit bubbles, so that the infinite vitality; finally, there is a smell of shrimp, fishy, fishy more the more fresh. Choose fish tips: 1, fresh fish are shiny, slightly convex, without surrounding hyperemia and redness phenomenon; 2, fresh fish gill color red or pink, the operculum closed, no odor; 3, most of the fish are all dead, but the damage can still take over the principle to see, and the eyes, fleshy gill is very important to identify the position. The selection of the crab tips: 1, male and female, hope with yellow son, pick a mother; love fresh, choose a male; male abdomen is triangular mother is half round; 2, leg hairs, and villus hard to show that the robust fleshy, anti weak, no meat; 3 life force, which can be turned over, can quickly turn very healthy, if not turn that vitality is not strong; 4, the top shell crab umbilical abdominal soft, with the thumb to squeeze, hard that fleshy; weigh weight, weight of the same size selection. These are usually easy to ignore the skills, as weighing things, the market has been very standardized, punishment for Quejinduanliang phenomenon is serious, we can according to the time of meeting I相关的主题文章:

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