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The original exposure Xi’an education officials probation teaching official: since only help Sohu news this semester, the netizen "Ming Ming" in Huxian of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an City, a local forum post, said the former director of the Huxian Bureau of education student financial management center Geng Junfeng Huxian court was sentenced to imprisonment for the crime of dereliction of Duty 3 years, 3 years of probation. Now China is during the period of probation Geng, has served as president of Huxian Aihua primary school. To this end, the reporter visited the survey. In September 12th, "the Sun newspaper" the reporter went to the primary school in Huxian to verify the situation Edward King of Wucun town. Reporters to the identity of the parents want to contact Geng Junfeng. "The teacher walked Geng ten minutes, sit school bus to the county." The school teacher told reporters, "Geng is only in September this year when (Huxian Aihua primary school headmaster)". When the reporter liangmingshenfen Geng Jun Feng to contact, the contact surnamed Yao (sound) of the female teachers, the teacher insisted that he was president, "Geng Junfeng is not in our school, only in the school to help two days." Huxian Aihua in primary school is located in Wucun, heard that Geng Junfeng is currently in prison, not many parents, so parents are still amazed at the news. "Not heard of this thing ah? Only heard that the school has a new president, surnamed Geng; but if so, I will make sure the baby go to other schools." During the interview, there are other parents hold different views. "I also see this thing on the Internet, people are probation, and not the real culprit; again, I heard that the person is still very capable of a person." Geng Junfeng served as president of Huxian Aihua for a primary school, the news was very surprised that the chief of bureau of education of basic education in Huxian primary school Wu Zhao, "Edward give us no Geng Junfeng this person reported to the data in the data display, Yao Jie (sound) is the principal. If you really have this thing, we must yanzha!" According to insiders, before Geng Junfeng was director of the Education Bureau of Huxian student financial management center has served as president of the king of the town center school, director of the town primary school and kindergarten and primary school, Edward is a private primary school, town area. September 13th, Huxian Bureau of education, Wu Zhao, head of the Department of education, told reporters after receiving the report, the bureau is also highly valued. "We have not previously encountered a similar thing, but as long as there is a criminal record, determined not to let him as president or vice president, and even teachers are not allowed; after investigation, Geng Jun Feng just during the holidays in Edward primary school to help, because he worked as president, have some management experience. We’ll lay him down."相关的主题文章:

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