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Li Jun: for the construction of harmonious prosperity to the beautiful new Xichang struggling Sichuan channel — October 23 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter Chen Xi) today (23 days), the Communist Party of Xichang China Ninth Congress closing, the successful completion of various tasks scheduled. The General Assembly approved the Eighth CPC Xichang Municipal Committee and the Commission for discipline inspection report, sum up the work of the past five years, put forward the guiding ideology, development ideas, objectives and major tasks for the next five years, a clear path for the "platinum ten years" pointed out the direction, the work period. The election of the ninth Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Xichang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, to further play the central role of the party’s political leadership, for the full realization of the objectives and tasks of the general assembly to provide a strong guarantee. "The goal is clear, the horn sounded again. In the face of history and people’s trust, we are on a mission, but also full of longing and hope for the future." According to the Xichang municipal Party committee secretary Li Jun said, Xichang’s future development plans, need a then dry the next session, a blueprint drawn in the end, requires extensive participation of all ethnic groups, to pay the people, to the city’s party members and cadres do not forget the early heart, relay forward, glorious achievements in the great cause of the value of life in the realization of a wonderful life dream in the course of struggle, to the organization and the people to produce a more qualified satisfactory answer. Li Jun said that the next five years, do not forget the early heart, relay forward, to be more deeply aware of and promote the cause of Xichang will continue to a new glory, we must always adhere to the "development first, insist Aoyama do not relax puxiashenzai implement, consolidate the development of ecological 100 Sichuan haina. Always bear in mind that miss a development opportunity, is to miss an era, the development of the problems to be resolved through development. We should always adhere to the scientific ideas to guide the development of the track, do the right thing in the right way at the right time, real word, word stem first, keep the "5+2", "white and black" working enthusiasm, solve the problem in the work, to create the performance in the hard work, tightly locked three step "development goals, to promote the development of open, integration development, innovation and development, in the pattern of county economic development in the increasingly fierce always have a space for one person. Li Jun said that the next five years, do not forget the early heart, relay forward, to be more deeply aware of and promote the cause of Xichang will continue to a new glory, we must always adhere to the rule of law, and build a strong foundation, improve the social awareness of the rule of law legal literacy, consolidate the social ecological Yang Qing voiced shock. We should always keep in mind: only according to the law, the law must be strictly enforced, violations of law, to safeguard social fairness and justice, the realization of regional and social life of institutionalization and legalization, also can fundamentally safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses. We must always adhere to the rule of law around the field of the most prominent problems, seize the key node prominent problems restricting the carrier innovation to solve the problem of key nodes of the starting point, to promote national peace building advanced city, comprehensively promote the basic strategy of the rule of law and the basic way of ruling in Xichang continue to reinforce the social) air plant.相关的主题文章:

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