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A woman was flat-share candid man called "the more than and 20 year old workers unwilling to remain out of the limelight" pingmou work well, because of the height of the lower appearance is poor, so there has been no girlfriend. He was unwilling to remain out of the limelight, flat-share candid girl was found after a bath, the girl called the police. Feng was sentenced to Nanjing Qixia police administrative detention punishment. In October 26th, Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau police station received a herd of a young woman she said when his alarm, bath man photographed by flat-share, recalled the situation, she is still a lingering fear. Modern Express reporter learned that, after receiving the alarm, police immediately went to the house, they flat-share candid man pingmou arrested. The house has a total of three rooms, leased to a pair of couples and pingmou. Pingmou account, because the single is very lonely, so he likes watching porn videos. The day after work he was in his room to see the video, I suddenly heard someone in the bathroom shower, and flat-share couples the man to watch the game in the room, from time to time issued a roar, pingmou judgment is that the girl in the bathroom shower. So pingmou decided as candid, he is short, so he took the stairs from a piece of wood, put it in the anti-theft door beside the toilet window. Pingmou on the square, open the mobile phone video function, to which recorded for a while. Pingmou took a look at the phone to record the video and found that the film was not ideal, so he adjusted the angle and shot two or three times, suddenly the girl screamed in the bathroom, pingmou scared to run with the phone quickly. After the girl and her boyfriend to the police, Qixia police successfully found pingmou, pingmou has been in administrative detention. (the text is a pseudonym) (Yangzi Evening News) Note: video only to expand reading. Female and male colleagues flat-share bath were photographed man: test the police will really find the door相关的主题文章:

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