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Hefei 300 bidders to grab 50 Suites a new record of 50 sets of real estate litigation involving real estate, nearly 300 of the intention of the bidder, the total turnover of 60 million 750 thousand yuan, the premium rate of more than 50%…… This is a city of Northwest unfinished reached four years of real estate – Mo He Mingdi, through the judicial auction to "Resurrection" data. It is understood that the 50 sets of real estate, whether it is the size of the auction and the number of participants, the record is a new record of Hefei real estate. Unfinished dispute for more than four years Mo He Mingdi, northwest North Road and Huaining road at the corner of the intersection of Luyang district. The whole project covers an area of 33 thousand square, building area of 108 thousand square, planning a total of 1036 households. In December 2011, the disc in the market first opened, the price is only 4800 yuan per square meters. The scale of the project is relatively small, only by the four 34 storey high-rise buildings, two multi-storey office buildings and some commercial composition, had determined the launch date of November 30, 2013, but in early 2013, many owners suddenly found the district shut down, developers run away with the money, Mo He Mingdi into unfinished state. To this end, the relevant government departments set up a special working group to take over the construction of the district and other matters. In the residential unfinished event, also found a "sell" phenomenon, lead to disputes. At the beginning of October this year, an auction notice will pull back Mo He Mingdi of the public eye, announced a judicial auction of Residential District No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, building 5, part of the real estate, the object of this auction a total of 50 houses, belonging to 4 buildings, apartment layout area of 86-108 square meters, the starting the average price of 8000-8300 yuan per square meter. 50 sets of real estate auction of justice at the beginning of November, Mo He Mingdi 50 residential real estate project officially started the judicial auction, the auction hall was filled with more than 400 bidders. From the auction announcement, bidders involved to pay 80 thousand yuan deposit. More than home buyers to participate in the auction site, so that these houses prices soared, a few minutes to rise hundreds of thousands of dollars. After four hours of intense competition of all transactions, a premium rate of over 50%. 50 sets of real estate, nearly 300 of the intention of the bidder, the total turnover of 60 million 750 thousand yuan…… Finally, once attracted the attention of real estate with the efforts of unfinished, successful ending, over the years of time-consuming disputes. The auction is not subject to purchase influence ink charge sales department manager Wang Mingdi told reporters, compared with the same area of formal commercial housing, there are two biggest advantage of judicial auction house to attract buyers. The first is the price, such as Mo He Mingdi of the auction price is about 12600 yuan per square meter, but with far away from the river in four plate part of the real estate price has been close to twenty thousand; at the same time, the real effect of the auction not limited purchase policy, enough funding to buy a few sets can be. "The auction of real buyers are mainly just need groups, mostly from Changfeng, Huainan, 30% is the direct purchase of cash, the rest of the first payment plus loans." Housing permits can be handled as a result of judicial auction house has been involved in various types of disputes, not.相关的主题文章:

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