Education information · 59.8% of respondents said more people around the job hopping

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Education information · 59.8% of the respondents said the job of people surrounding many comic books: Li Xiaoyi "Department of several colleagues who follow the" eleven "holiday leave and maternity leave, now I’m a person responsible for the work of 3, too much for some." Beijing, a foreign employee Liu Ying (a pseudonym) Tucao said that the company’s year-end awards are not sent to the present, according to the length of service to increase the level of wages did not rise. She’s already making plans to leave. Frequent job hopping has become a prominent problem in China’s current workplace. Compared to developed countries, the current job hopping rate is significantly higher in China, especially in the Internet, catering, security and other industries. In some areas, the rate of job hopping has reached 50%, and the job hopping rate of the security industry is up to about 100%. Last week, the social survey center of China Youth Daily joint network questionnaire, according to a survey of 2003 people, 59.8% of respondents said that around the job of people, 58.8% of respondents said the work for 2 to 3 years of employees. 66.6% of respondents suggested that the enterprise for the reasons for employee turnover corresponding adjustments. 59.8% of respondents said the people around the job quit more than the technology sector before leaving the two, we have a colleague to go next month." Liu Ying introduction, the company’s staff mobility is relatively large, often heard, which department has gone". According to the survey, 59.8% of respondents said that many people around the job, including the fact that many of the respondents said that many of the respondents said that the general and less than the proportion of 34.9% and 5.3%, respectively, the survey showed that more than 8.7% of respondents. There are three types of people leaving the most. One is the initial, usually less than half a year, or even one or two months, because they do not adapt to the working environment and interpersonal communication "flashing words"; one is two or three years, have better job opportunities to go; while there is a kind of industry famous, was in high salary poached." Liu Ying summary. In Shanghai, a Financial Services Company of Wang Qiang (a pseudonym) is engaged in technical jobs, according to his observations, personnel flow is mainly concentrated in the third years, 3 years of work is not a new job, will face a fork in the road. If the unit can provide a good personal development prospects and salary returns, of course, do not want to toss, if you can not see these, the possibility of leaving a lot." The Research Society of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences Institute director Zhang Baoyi said, "3 years" is indeed a critical period, not frequent job hopping, "3 years of time, have a certain experience and resources, for their own development and also laid the foundation. If there is a better platform for development, as young people, change the environment to seek development, whether it is personal or employing enterprises, both sides can achieve better results." What are the characteristics of the army? 74.3% of respondents said it was "have a certain degree of" staff, followed by the workplace rookie (45.5%), the senior staff of third (35.2%). From the years of work, the work of 2 ~ 3 years (58.8%) of the majority, followed by a ~ ~ 5 years (33.8%). Other: 1 years (29.2%), from 6 to 9 years (9.1%), more than 10 years (above). Low welfare treatment相关的主题文章:

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