Fuzhou high-end liquor prices have risen 53 degrees Moutai broke the price of thousands of dollars headache怎么读�

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Fuzhou high-end liquor prices have 53 degrees flying Moutai price broke thousand yuan Strait news network November 10th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zhu Liping (micro-blog)) "Notice of price increases this year we have received a three Kweichow Moutai factory." Yonghui Supermarket Purchasing Department responsible person Ms. Wang said, the high-end liquor prices are rising this year. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou market, compared with the beginning of the year, some high-end liquor prices rose 15%~20%, 53 degrees flying Moutai price exceeded one thousand yuan. "In February this year, the common market of Fuzhou flying 53 degrees Moutai wine bottle priced at around 880 yuan, 52 degrees Wuliangye is priced at 680 yuan." Fuzhou, a number of supermarkets relevant responsible person said, at the beginning of some high-end liquor prices in Fuzhou, fell to the level of five years ago, but then prices began to rise. Moutai is currently in control of the supply, making the market in the situation of greater demand." Fuzhou, a number of liquor dealers said, compared with the beginning of the 53 degrees flying Moutai wine prices generally rose from $1099 to $880, or more than 20%; Wuliangye generally rose from $52 to $780, or about $15%. "In terms of sales strategy, we may take 13 inventory, the way of the 23 shipments." A wine dealer said, now also dare to sell. Provincial liquor circulation association official said, at present, high-end liquor has been based on the consumption of public funds, the transformation of business consumption and self drinking consumption based. High end liquor prices have been, whether or not with the rise of low-grade liquor? In this regard, Yonghui supermarket procurement department of the relevant responsible person said, has not received notice of price hikes in the low-end liquor. >相关的主题文章:

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