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Strange house girl: American horror murder behind the strange house at the Sohu read first pages:       [press] World Press (Huaxia Shengxuan planning products) [author] [America] [Riggs] 32 folio langsam? [October 2016] open publication time brief introduction: a bizarre murder and some strange words, a stack of fantastic pictures, a deep puzzle boy, an island journey, leaving heavy fog, and thriller full of love. Florida boy Jacob’s grandfather died mysteriously, leaving the strange words reduced to fragments. Although Jacob saw the murderer, but his friends insisted that they did not see. In addition to his grandfather’s bizarre story and the photos left, Jacob was deeply confused and worried. But when he told the truth, no one believed it, and even sent him to a psychiatric treatment. In order to find out the truth, in order to prove that he is a normal person, in order to prove himself to their grandfather’s trust is not wrong, he went to Welsh, this thrilling journey through time and find their identity ability. Author: Riggs Ransom Riggs American writer langsam?, travelers, photography enthusiasts. He was born in Florida, grew up in favor of ghost stories and British comedy, which is probably the cause of his novel style. He is a star shining American suspense thriller writers, known as "Dan Brown?" second, plus a handsome, even red america. His "strange house girl" series is "leader" in the best-selling series of New York Times, the global cumulative sales of almost equal to "Harry Potter" "the Da Vinci code". Serial text: Prelude in my life, when I tried to convince myself that everything is normal, some unusual things will happen, so that I can’t determine whether they are living in the world of ordinary people. These things are terrible, even since the occurrence of these frightful to the ear; what my life has been completely disrupted. All these unusual things started with my grandfather. In my growing up, Grandpa was the most interesting person I thought I was. He is an orphan child, grew up in the army, was by boat across the sea, was riding across the desert, and for a while with a circus zounanchuangbei. He was familiar, know how desperate to survive in self-defense, but also said at least three foreign languages. In short, nothing can daunt his things. When I was a child, I had never been to Florida, and my grandfather’s stories were irresistible to me. Every time I see him, I have to talk to him to tell me a story, he readily agreed. Every time he pulls me aside, he talks to me like I’m the only one he can trust. At the age of six, I figured out. If you want to have a wonderful life like Portman, even if he is only half so wonderful, my only chance is to become an explorer. In order to encourage me, Grandpa held up all day long.相关的主题文章:

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