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For secondary school students to help roommates opened blisters beaten face flying kick involved several students at the noon of November 24th, Minqin County of Gansu province occupation technical secondary school student dormitory happened people lament the scene, 15 year old Zhang Huabin because the roommate Jiang Cheng (16 years old) refused to help him pick up the hot noodles, then together with another 16 year old roommate Jiang Hu has two times to beat Jiang cheng. Hit the process was recorded and put on the Internet, causing a lot of attention. At present, the students involved Zhang Huabin and Jiang Hu has been controlled by the police, Jiang Cheng body no matter. Jiang Cheng’s grandfather, 25, told reporters in an interview with the cover, said he was informed by his grandson in the afternoon of the afternoon of the neighborhood was bullied by classmates, he was playing video on the Internet, my neighbor saw." Ginger uncle rushed to school, police and school teachers have begun to investigate and deal with the matter. Jiang uncle said, according to his understanding, the reason is Zhang Huabin asked for him to go to the city at noon ginger open blisters, Jiang City would not, so Zhang first beat him after the ginger city water from the water is not hot enough, Zhang too not noodles, then called ginger ginger together with Tiger City a. Part of the process was hit by another roommate recorded on the internet. "My grandson is hit over the head, and headache, head was broken. Zhang Huabin gave him a few hundred dollars after he finished, so he went to see a doctor." For users that video City ginger whether the picture is the holding of RMB extortion this problem, explains the uncle jiang. Ginger uncle said that at present the city has completed the check is resting and observation, temporarily inconvenient interview. In the future, the body is OK, but also let him go back to school. Ginger uncle said, Jiang’s parents have disabilities, no way to raise children, he is the grandson of a big. Because the character is quite stiff, and poor communication with people, Jiang city once before being bullied by classmates, he did not say, unless it is being bullied badly, just tell me. The grandson of the encounter bullying, uncle Jiang repeatedly sighed, said helpless. Reporters then call the class teacher in charge of the city where the situation of Cao Cao teacher, Cao said that the teacher was at noon on duty patrol found this thing. Then the school will be involved in the control of the students and reported to the police. At present, they did not come to school, we wait for the results of the police investigation, and how to punish." Cao teacher said. Local police through its official micro-blog on the incident was informed: the county vocational secondary vocational schools in a security case. Grade 2016 (1 students) Zhang Huabin (born November 2001), ginger tiger (born September 2000) beating students in the dormitory town of ginger (born February 2000), on the spot after the payment of medical expenses (beaten students not accepted). After the incident, the timely alarm, beaten to students in the school and parents escort to the hospital for examination and treatment, the body will not cause illness. Currently, someone who has been controlled by the police, the case is being handled according to law. (Zhang Huabin, Jiang Cheng, Jiang Hujun as a pseudonym)相关的主题文章:

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