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Artists One of the main reasons people love the e cig is because it comes in diverse flavors. I have a good friend who smokes an e cig per day and his favorite flavors include chocolate, kiwi, banana and strawberry. The e cig is versatile in flavors and since there are so many brands of the e cig on the market, you’re bound to find delicious flavors. I’m going to pretend that I’m a e cig fan who wants to suggest new flavors to an up-and-coming e cig company. One method to aid in a persons desire to quit cigarette smoking is a nicotine replacement therapy. These products are commonly found in the pharmacy section of all major super markets. Mostly over the counter and can be found in many forms; gum, lozenges and inhalers. These products takes away the harmful known chemicals, (over 4000 and 69 are known to cause cancer), that are found in cigarette smoke while supplying the person with the desired nicotine. This month there was an article on National which debated whether e cigarettes were less harmful for the environment or not. The article stated that environmentalists were concerned about the health and environmental hazards of second-hand tobacco smoke as well as the tobacco cigarette butts which cause pollution of major cities over a period of time. Some environmentalists are pleased with the e cigarettes for this reason. They point to the fact that the liquid nicotine which creates the vapor has fewer toxins than the tobacco counterparts. The best electronic cigarette will also offer a wide variety of flavors because one of the best things about smoking electronic cigarettes is that you can enjoy the different flavors of the cigarettes. Most electronic cigarettes come in sweet flavors such as cherry and raspberry but some electronic cigarettes come in savory and other weird flavors. When you purchase electronic cigarettes online, you need to examine the brands carefully. Read the website’s blogs on certain brands of electronic cigarettes they sell and look at the positive and negative aspects of the brands. If you’ve had a favorite brand of electronic cigarettes but you’re ready to switch to a new brand, send an e-mail to the customer service department and inquire about certain brands you’re interested in. Don’t just pick the most affordable brand of electronic cigarettes but look for a brand that is of high quality. One way to research electronic cigarette sales and new legislation surrounding them is by reading cigarette industry trade journals. The journals are popular to read by people who buy e cigarette and who want to learn more about the topic. Alternative health magazines are also good ways to research the electronic cigarette industry. In conclusion, electronic cigarette sales show no signs of slowing down despite some opposition from politicians and health experts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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