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Spirituality If you want to read something exciting about what I just said, buy that series. But somebody left behind will just try to explain it away, but we will be in heaven. This is not referring to the Second Coming. The Second Coming will happen after the Rapture and after the seven year Tribulation which is hell on earth. When we were in Israel, we stood on a mountain overlooking the Valley of Armageddon where a river of blood will flow 200 miles during the final great battle. As I looked at that I was saddened because many people will miss heaven. But, also, I thanked God because I know that one day I will be spending eternity with Him. So the clouds should motivate us to be ready. A rock. While we have a lot of rocks here in Texas, they are especially frequent over in Israel. One day Jesus talked to Simon Peter, a guy we mention a lot. Simon Peter was very human. He would fall and often mess up. Jesus was standing before a big mountain, a rocky mountain. In the area a lot of idol worship went on, specifically the worship of Pan. Jesus was talking to Simon Peter at Caessera Philippi. He wanted Peter to indicate who he thought Jesus was. Lets pick up the conversation. Here is what Jesus said in Matthew 16:17ff. Blest are you Simon, son of Jonah. Now isnt that weird. Son of Jonah. You are remembering that Jonah was an Old Testament guy and Simon Peter was a New Testament guy. How would Simon Peter be the son of Jonah? He wasnt, but here is the connection. Jonah was the first running man. He was the guy that God tapped on the shoulder. God told him to preach repentance to the gentile city of Ninevah. Finally, Jonah did it. Well, Simon Peter years after that situation did something. He became the guy who put down the race card. Talk about racism. Simon Peter and the other followers thought that Jesus and Christianity was a Jewish thing. Pastor Ed Young said but Simon Peter was involved in recruiting the first gentile convert similar to what Jonah did hundreds of years before in the Old Testament. That is why Jesus called Peter the son of Jonah. for this was not revealed to you by man but by my Father in heaven. Now before I read this next part, let me tell you something about language. We have a very lazy language, English. It is casual. The Konia Greek is laser beam language. I am talking about specific. And here is where, quite frankly, the Catholic Church has been tripped up for hundreds and hundreds of years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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