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Software Interestingly, unlike other mobile app development platforms, Android users can easily get their app And content from various sources. In most of the cases, the only priority is of checking a single setting in the devices preferences. This has given rise to extensive number of app stores that are competing for the attention of developers and users. Why developers must pay attention? 1.Large exposure to your app and your brand: Your application will get larger exposure by being accessible on additional app markets. Each new market will create for your application which as a result increases the number of pages on the internet displaying your product name and brand. Moreover, these pages can give back links to your companys page, giving it more authority by search engines. In todays world, being omnipresent is a significant tool in building your brand. If your product is actively everywhere on internet, then you get potential users visit. 2.Frequent downloads and purchase in additional regions and languages: A very obvious benefit of the availability of application everywhere is that you will get more downloads. May be if you are on Google Play, many users will never seeing your Android application. Sometimes, it would be beneficial for your app to be displayed at specific demographic like region of the world or particular language. Eg. If your Android application supports Spanish language, then it would be beneficial to publish it in Spanish app store. Election of an app market that would cater your market, it can give you an access to targeted potential buyers and users. 3.New Updates can tested in different markets than in one big market: Other than additional downloads and brand accessibility, release of an application in the multiple market gives Android programmers an opportunity to perform additional testing capabilities. In such case, you have an option to test new feature, price point or advertising in small market of your sales front. In short, you can test your application simultaneously in multiple Android markets. Due to these reasons, many Android developers are making experimental release in smaller markets first to make sure that their app is bug free so that it can be released at a bigger level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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