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Marketing In recent years, due to the rapid development of mobile phones, laptops, computers and other telecommunications equipments, the market demand of ultrafine nickel powder rises rapidly. According to the statistics, the average annual growth of world demand for nickel-metal hydride battery is about 20%. The multilayer ceramic capacitors of electronic products have a very strong demand for the ultrafine nickel powder. In order to meet the rapidly growing market demand, the United States, Japan and other countries continue invest much money in expanding the production capacity of nickel-metal hydride. Japanese mining company to invest $ 19 million, its annual output of 24 tons of ultra-fine nickel powder factory expansion, expected the end of this year, the plant output will reach 384 tons, to become the world’s largest manufacturers of ultrafine nickel powder. Inco has also invested $ 14 million to expand the production capacity of the nickel refinery in the UK battery materials, the production of special powder product output value will reach $ 400 million. Like other countries in the world, China’s mobile phones, laptops, computers and the development of nickel-metal hydride battery is also very alarming, Tianjin nickel battery base achieve large-scale silicon powder production and export. China’s battery industry, only the nickel product demand has been to 200 tons in a few years ago, rose to about 4000 tons of nickel powder production in China in terms of yield or quality can not meet market demand, especially in the production of ultrafine nickel powder, it is stretched. Technology needs of the inner electrodes of multilayer ceramic capacitors due to the stringent requirements of nickel-metal hydride batteries and electronic products, in addition to the high requirements in chemical composition and impurity content of the ultrafine nickel powder, the product physical properties, including powder particle size, surface properties, particle shape, the uniformity of a higher demand. Chinese nickel powder production technology and process equipment compared with developed countries there is a gap, a result, many manufacturers in order to ensure the stability of the quality of their products, mainly imported ultrafine nickel powder as raw material, production and demand balance presents us with a subject worthy of study. Analyzing the proportion of nickel consumption in all sectors in recent years, it is easy to find that China’s nickel consumption areas of metal powder supplier have a fundamental change. In 1999, consumption of nickels in Chinese metallurgical industry is about 15,000 tons. The consumption of nickel in battery industry is about 4000 tons. It is about 5000 tons of nickel in catalyst industry. The magnetic material consumes 500 tons of nickel. Metallurgical industry which had large consumption of nickel in past has slow development now. The nickel consumption growth lags. The nickel consumption in battery industry and catalyst industries is at an alarming rate. The diverse needs of nickel products in new emerging industries have shown upward trend. The market has been occupied by imported goods. It is really a great pity. Chinese nickel production enterprises should seize the opportunity and change the practice of re-lighting market and focusing on primary products in planed economy period. They should increase the technological innovation and introduce the foreign advanced technology and equipment to fight for more market share. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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