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Affiliate-Revenue The World Wide Web is quite oblivious to regulation, at least in comparison to other popular forms of media. Even though many countries have introduced cyber laws, they have not really been able to curb the menace that this medium is capable of causing. Moreover, the online community is still wanting in terms of a global regulatory authority that can make web entities adhere to preset guidelines. The lack of regulation is quite palpable in networks that facilitate affiliate marketing. This domain is becoming increasingly popular because of its convenience of use and effectiveness, in terms of both costs involved and results expected. The online marketplace is sprinkled with myriad networks that claim to be the perfect platform for merchants and affiliates to better their profit-making prospects. Advertisers and publishers worldwide are clamouring for an association with such networks, given the plethora of services they offer. Howsoever extensive they might be, these networks do have their own flaws, primary of them being lack of control. Most of these services are modeled on the Pay per Click commission structure, wherein merchants pay affiliates and the network a certain amount of money for every click generated on their ads. This model stands the risk of being abused, especially by affiliates seeking the highly sought-after ‘click’. Latest technologies are being used in unethical ways to rake in traffic. This is the reason why numerous affiliates and networks have sunk without a trace. And, this is the biggest reason we need regulation in affiliate networks. The Affiliate Marketing Advertising Board, Affiliate Marketing Trade Association, Affiliate Union, iAfma, etc., are just few of the steps taken to stabilise this industry. However, unfortunately, none of them have borne concrete results. Networks still cater to individual alliances; a situation wherein ‘unity’ and ‘integrity’ are conveniently forgotten. The best possible solution to this problem is the coming together of merchants, affiliates, agencies and networks for mutual cooperation and benefits. Businesses both big and small should participate in community discussions through forums or blogs. Along with fostering anonymity, these platforms allow you to voice your opinion and make a difference in the functioning of your affiliate network . As the web gets bigger, it is essential for businesses to keep a check on all sorts of potential threats. And this will be possible only when prompt regulatory measures are undertaken by the people concerned. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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