Even Coca-cola Is Looking Into Chinese Herbal Medicines 女孩花4万玩游戏

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Alternative Not withstanding the fact that Coca-Cola has stuck by their secret formula for about 120 years they are now carrying out research on other beverages and food lines designed to improve your health. Coca-Cola can be found in almost every country on the planet and is now especially interested in the lucrative Chinese market. In order to be more Chinese, they are looking into the ancient system of Chinese herbal medicines. Coca-Cola Now Based in Beijing In October of 2007, Coca-Cola announced grand plans for its Beijing operations, incorporating the modern taste and convenience of Coca-Cola with traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Their plan is to have many combinations of these herb powders mixed into the Coca-Cola, bringing, what Coke?s vice president and chief scientific officer says, ?the insights and benefits of traditional Chinese herbal medicines to consumers all over the world.? In 2004 the Beijing operation was opened in order to start research on how to make healthier Coke. Chinese herbal medicine contains the knowledge while Coke itself contains the marketing power and the money. In this way, Coca-Cola hopes to not only promote holistic health, but corner the market in it. As well. Is This A Good Idea? Whilst the combining of Chinese herbal medicines into Coca-Cola is theoretically possible, the combination would make taking the Chinese herbal medicines more palatable. It is hoped that the cost of the Chinese herbal medicine-formulated Coca-Cola can reduce the price of the medicines currently available. It is common practice that most Chinese herbal medicines are distributed not as raw botanicals, but as a concentrated powder form made from extractions of the raw material. This not only insures that the medicine last longer, but makes it easy to mix in water, applesauce or tea. Since the powders are already used in liquids to administer, why not mix it into Coca-Cola? The question is whether the Chinese herbal medicines powders will still be as effective in the planned line up of Coke drinks than taken as it is now. Coke plans to do a lot more research before putting any drinks on the market. Unlike most governments, Coca-Cola has the money for intensive research. They aren?t just limiting production of a new Chinese herbal medicine drink line to just fizzy soft drinks. They are also investigating the possibility of marketing ready made teas, bottled water, juices and energy drinks. Coca-Cola knows that people are being more health conscious and future trends may turn them from carbonated soft drinks altogether. Perhaps Coke is looking to survive with the help of Chinese herbal medicine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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